Top Five Essential Graphic Design Software For Beginners


Graphic Designing
Graphic Designing

Graphic Design courses are basically skilled development courses that every media student must learn to chart a career in the media industry, with a specific focus on graphic designing. Graphic design courses in Kolkata are aimed to make a student industry ready for making posters for films, events for event management and talent management companies and other startups and MNCs. Graphic designers learn the nuances of digital art and the ways of enhancing the quality of photographs.

There are several institutes such as Arena Animation, NSHM offering graphic design courses in Kolkata. It is undoubtedly a fact that other than Arena Animation, iLEAD Media School, located at Topsia, Kolkata is one of the best educational institutes where students aspiring to make a career as a graphic designer can enroll for graphic design courses. One interesting fact that can never be overlooked about the graphic design courses offered by iLEAD is that, besides a specialized undergraduate course in  Animation, Multimedia and Graphics, degrees in Media Science and Film and Television have also devoted separate papers for graphic design to enable media students to have an all-round understanding of the media industry.

In order to establish oneself as a graphic designer or generally as a media professional,  media students must familiarize themselves with five essential graphic design software for beginners.

Photoshop is the first software that will teach a neophyte student the basic skills of layering, editing, making a magazine cover, removing grains from a picture. Adobe Photoshop is installed in both MAC and Windows PC. iLEAD has a computer library with several MAC PCs that students have access to and learn the art of Photoshop from experienced mentors.

Adobe Illustrator is another brilliant software that has the potential of creating digital pages and various, logos and videos. As the name suggests, Illustrator is a software which enables a student to illustrate and this is one of the most important aspects of visual communication and or visual storytelling.

Adobe InDesign is a professional software used by journalists to create pages for online versions of newspapers. A paper in Electronic Media will cover the basics of Adobe InDesign. This software helps students gain an understanding of how to illustrate newspaper and magazine pages, add high resolution and relevant images to accompany the text content.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a software that is mandatory for students to understand. Students interested in becoming editors, filmmakers, digital storytellers, Youtubers must learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. This software teaches students the different kinds of shots in films, such as Establishment Shot, Extreme Close Up, Close Up Shots, Full Shot, Mid shot to understand the characters and their relationship with space or environment. Adobe Premiere Pro also familiarises students with various cuts such as Jump Cut, Match Cut, L-Cut, to name a few. Adobe Photoshop also helps a student learn how to add audios and become a professional editor, in the true sense of the term. Honestly, there are several editing apps like Movavi VideoEditor, Filmora that students of media can learn as an initiation into the very basics of editing. However, if anyone is particularly interested in acquiring the skills of an editor and learn sound design, video and film editing, it is absolutely necessary to install Adobe Premiere Pro in their computer systems and master the craft of editing.

Last but not the least, Inkscape is another graphic design software.

Thus, these five graphic design software are very effective in nurturing students’ skills as graphic designers. It is important to mention that even before students opt for specialization in either  Print Media, Electronic Media, Animation and Advertising and Marketing Communications at iLEAD, students receive internship opportunities mostly as graphic designers in their very first semester from media houses such as Blooper house Studios. It is also a fact that while a few content writing internships in the city offer unpaid positions, graphic design internships are mostly always paid internships. Graphic design interns get to earn as high a figure as INR 30,000 that stresses on the demand of this course and the prospects of a career in graphic design.



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