Bedroom False Ceiling Design Guidelines

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False ceiling is one of the most popular design element in recent times. Apart from just being visually aesthetic it also hides any imperfections or cables and wires that might make it look clumsy. However, before you decide to get false ceilings in your home, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Mind the Light

One of the top reasons people get false ceilings is to decorate their rooms with some fancy lighting. It can be really boring to only have a regular light and a night lamp in the room. Having lights in the false ceilings addresses both the need for illumination and aesthetic at once. There can be plenty of ways to add lights in the ceiling, and this depends on what the purpose of the room is. The kind of light you would want above a study space will be different compared to the kind you want in your living room.


Mind the Depth

When you add a false ceiling, it adds a second layer that hangs below the actual ceiling, thus reducing the height of the room. This is something you should keep in mind before you decide to get false ceilings. If your room is rather small and generally low, you should probably think twice before getting a false ceiling. Best thing would be to consult an interior designer in Kolkata who deals with false ceilings and can give you better tips and guide you in choosing the correct height and colours and materials for the false ceiling. Similarly, if your room is big, you can experiment with lights and depth and materials which can make your room look warm and cosy.


Mind the Finish

Now that you know what depth and height is, you can understand why the finish of the false ceilings matter. See, the thing is, certain materials make your room look more elegant and roomier, while others can make it look clumsy. You can go for a wooden finish which will give your room a regal finish but can be a better option for bigger rooms, on the other hand, if your room is small, you can try paint or wallpaper, giving your room a breezy vibe. Whatever you choose, it should of course complement the other purposes as well. In the sense, if it is a reading/ studying room, you would want plenty of bright lights in the room, in which case, a dark wooden ceiling will absorb the lights, thus defeating the purpose.

The best thing to do before you decide a false ceiling is to consult with an interior decorator in Kolkata. After they study your house and understand the little details, it will be easier for you choose the kind of lights and materials you should go for. It can be a complicated task, but because it is your house, you should make an informed decision so you do not make any expensive mistakes.


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