Brilliant Kitchen Window Design Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Cooking Space

Kitchen Window Design
Kitchen Window Design

If you want to spruce up your kitchen window without knocking down a wall or making drastic changes, these are some of the best changes you can do to brighten up your kitchen as suggested by home interior designers. You do not need a full-on renovation to make your space look fancy. Sometimes, small changes go a long way.

Get Shady!

One of the best ways to make your window look complete is to add on some shades or curtains. Depending on how much natural light you need in your kitchen, you can either go for semi-sheer shades or linen shades. You can go for a half curtain if your window is too big, or can even print fabric to block out more sunlight.

Fresh Produce

If you enjoy cooking and use a lot of fresh produce, you can get some potted herbs on the base of the window. This not just makes your kitchen look like a mini garden, but is also practical as you will always have fresh herbs at your disposal. If your kitchen window receives ample sunlight, this is even better.

Hang a Light

If you happen to have an open kitchen or have your dining area near the kitchen, you can hang a minimal but trendy light near the window. This is an easy and simple way to make your kitchen look fancy and sophisticated. Also making the kitchen look bigger and more spacious.

Get some Chairs

If your kitchen window has a countertop, the most efficient way to spruce it up by adding some dining chairs. You can eat breakfast there, or even prep your meals by sitting down and enjoying the view. This saves space and also makes it easier to coordinate in the kitchen area allowing you to rest between tasks.

Sliding Windows

For smaller kitchen windows, sliding windows are a lifesaver. They also provide easy access to the outdoors, so if you want you can have your potted plants outside the windows.

Stained Glasses

One creative way to block out light is to color the window glasses. Stained glasses look spectacular when the sun shines through, making a lovely colored pattern across the room.

Add Lamps

You can add some classic, minimal designed lamps on the kitchen counter next to the windows. They can also be used instead of adding a chandelier on the ceiling, as these are much easier to remove and makes the space look sharp and neat. They also look extremely sophisticated if choosing the right type to match your overall kitchen.

Vine not?

For plant lovers, the kitchen window is perfect for some vine plants. They look elegant and also gives your kitchen a nature-esque feel. The green color is soothing to the eyes and creates a relaxing atmosphere.


Add a chalkboard next to the window where you can write the menu for the day, or your grocery list, or just let your kids doodle for fun. Or you can also utilize the space to hang your pots and pans, this is great if your sink faces the window, this way you can wash your dishes and hang them right away.

There are plenty of chic and quick ways to revamp your kitchen window. All you have to do is chart out the purpose of the window. If there are any issues, should you fix it? Maybe hang curtains to block out light? Add shelves to make space? Depending on your needs you can choose any of the above-mentioned ideas that interior decorators swear by.


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