It’s the best time to get your kitchen garden or tubs ready for winter as fall has ended quite some time back and the weather cools. It may look like there’s not really much going on in the backyard, but that isn’t correct. We have jotted down tips by some of the best interior designers in Bangalore about how you can elevate your gardening style in winters.

The change of seasons still brings some extra to-dos for all us plant parents. As our plants migrate towards slower rate of growth; we also need to take care of them.

Shift them to light

In wintertime, the light situation shifts in our homes. Time to transfer the plants to natural sources of light; i.e. closer to the windows. If you do not wish to shift them to light sources indoors then you need to shift them to a terrace or balcony. Just move them somewhere where they can get as much sunlight as possible.

A lot of people shift their tubs permanently to their balconies or rooftops. In his way, the plans can actually grow o their fullest in winters. Just do not forget to water them every now and then. Winters do not mean that you stop watering your plants at regular intervals. 

Put Window Sills to Use

For city folks, gardening is a hassle in itself if you do not have any decent space to place the tubs. A cool and useful winter gardening idea would be to put the window sills of your home to use. 

You need a window that receives the perfect amount of sunlight to create this style of garden. 

Just arrange them in the right way in order to attain the best lighting for all your plants. You can consult some home designers in Bangalore for the same. They are ought to help you arrange all your plant vases and pots in the most aesthetically looking manner.

For planting flowers, both vases and tubs need to be positioned at equal distances from each other to make them appear visually attractive. There are various kinds of trough planters that can be used to cultivate the same flowers in different colors together. To build a modest window show, you can also put the big and stylish planters together.

Spray on your plants instead of watering them

We had earlier discussed how the watering needs to be cut down on plants. However, you cannot leave them dry. Get a spraying bottle to mist your plants instead.

Support your plants battle the dry weather by spritzing them every now and then. This should be crucial for avoiding brown and crisp leaves, particularly if you have seasonal plants. The rule of thumb is that your tub’s soil should never really look crusty and totally dry.

You have to keep it moist throughout the day time by taking 20-25 seconds of water spritzing.

Install a Terrarium

The easiest way of getting nature into your apartment in winter is by setting up a terrarium. You just need a container of clear glass, a few pebbles, sheet moss, dirt, seeds, and some simple planting instruments. Place rocks at the bottom of the container. Put the moist moss and pat it down. 

Fill the container with the soil now, leaving ample head space for the plants to expand. Plant your plants afterwards and give them some water. As there are no drainage holes in the container, the rock layers at the bottom can assist with drainage. Your terrarium garden will be able to fill your house with greenery in winter in just a couple of quick steps.

Do you want customized solutions for your gardening and plantation work? Do reach out to us and our expert interior designer will help you. Feel free to leave your questions or queries down below in the comment section.


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