kitchen design trends 2021

Source: CEE BEE Design Studio

While we are all stuck at home these days, the kitchen has become a place where we hang out quite often. Many of us have perhaps started cooking and baking, while some of us probably kill time by organising the cabinets. Needless to say, our kitchens have become much more important now than ever. So, what can we do to spice it up a bit (pun intended)? Let us look at some fancy new ideas that can elevate our kitchens. 

Fancy tiles

One way to make the kitchen pop out immediately is by choosing the right tiles. People often underestimate the effect tiles can have. It can make or break it. But no need to panic. Think of the tiles as something that sets the mood for your kitchen, as well as for you. Are you a feisty person who likes spicy food? Then go for some bright and warm colours and bold patterns. Do you like your kitchen to remain neutral? Then a plain beige slab or even concrete would keep it minimal while also making it look fancy. It’s easy, choose the overall look and feel you want your kitchen to have and then choose tiles that represent those emotions.

Storage spaces

If you have been watching organising tutorials on YouTube these days and have been thinking of ways to do it, you can contact any interior decorators in Bangalore and they will come up with an array of ideas on how to make storing easy, fun, and also aesthetically pleasing. If you do not have too many products in the kitchen, you can start by getting yourself some spice jars, thus making easy to grab them while cooking. However, if you need some serious restructuring then definitely an interior designer would be the obvious choice. 

Fun floors

This is something we often overlook when it comes to kitchens. We do not think about changing the floors very much. However, it can be really easy to do so. Similar to the wall tiles, you can choose floor tiles that complement it can create a them for your kitchen. These days you have a variety of designs to choose from. You can go for a wooden look, a geometric pattern or even just keep minimal by choosing a neutral colour. You will be surprised how much it can elevate the look. 


Looking for dramatic redesigning? You can start with your countertops. While marble and concrete countertops are usually the more popular choices, you can try to play with the overall look by going a theme. Remember about the wall and floor tiles? Choose something that can complement it well. You can even go for a contrast, if your floor and walls are dark, choose a light or popping countertop and vice-versa. 

These are some of the fun ways to redecorate your kitchen. If you wish to get some professional help you can always look at Ceebee Design Studio. One of the best interior design company in Bangalore, their team of professionals can help bring your imaginations to life. 


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